Meva Consultation

This page will guide you through the steps needed to use Meva.

You want to explore COVID-19 relations to ivermectin in 2021. To catch most of the relevant articles in your retrieval (high recall) and to exclude junk (high precision), you can search for MeSH Terms provided by PubMed's MeSH. Thus, instead of a simple full-text search for say covid-19 ivermectin you can do a qualified search for covid-19[mh] ivermectin[mh] 2021[dp]. Finally, press ENTER or Search:

In the PubMed form, press the Save button:

Choose Selection: All Results, Format: PubMed, then press the Create File button:

Save your file:

Please adhere to PubMed's restrictions for large downloads.

Browse to your downloaded PubMed file. Select bibliographic fields of interest (see Field Help). If you want to learn more about who wrote on what, choose Author (or Full Author Name) as field 1 and MeSH Terms as field 2 (or vice versa, if you are more interested in MeSH terms). Recommended: Enter your PubMed search string into the link restrictor field to get more values linked into PubMed. You can restrict your analysis with minimal frequencies or search filter expressions. Adjust further parameters as needed. Move the mouse over a parameter or click on it to get some short help or look into the Form Help to get extended help. Finally, press the consultation button to submit your data:

Do not submit more than 20 MB (about 5,000 articles) to Meva, otherwise use PMComp.

ParameterField 1Field 2
Bibliogr. Field
Search Filter
If MeSH Term: No Subheadings Major Topics only
If Author: First Authors only All Last Authors only
Min. Frequency
Diagrams   Top  scaled with
Details    Always show PMID
MeSH Codes
MeSH Tree   Print depth
Branch will be …
charged with frequencies and displayed
preferably charged, but all branches will be displayed
Link Restrictor
Result Format
 PubMed File

Meva analyzes your PubMed file and returns its result in HTML or CSV format (see Result Help). If PubMed allows a field-specific search for a bibliographic value, you can trigger a new PubMed search for it by clicking on this value in the result page, read abstracts or full text in PubMed, refine your search or save your results:

See also a graphical example of all steps.