Meva Field Help

The following table explains the bibliographic field types Meva uses. Not all fields will be provided by Pubmed for every record, some tags are gone, some are new introduced, so don't be surprised if a Meva result shows only little or no data for a specific field search. Meva however can evaluate a PubMed result for all field types, even if PubMed does not allow a search with this field (see below):

TagNameDescriptionPubMed Search ExampleExample Value
ABAbstractAbstract.Searchable as [TIAB] in titles and abstracts, e.g. Tifacogin[TIAB]Tifacogin is a recombinant tissue factor pathway inhibitor (rTFPI) …
ADAffiliationInstitutional affiliation and address of the first author (since 2014: of all authors).E.g. Dresden[AD] Bioethics[SB]Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Hohe Strasse 6, D-01069 Dresden, Germany.
AIDArticle IdentifierArticle ID values may include the pii (controlled publisher identifier) or doi (Digital Object Identifier).N21603040 [pii]
AUAuthorAuthors.E.g. Hahn S[AU] Dresden[AD]. "Hahn S"[AU] will search for Hahn S only, whereas Hahn S[AU] will search for Hahn SE, Hahn ST etc as well.Hahn S
AUIDAuthor IdentifierPublisher supplied ID of an author, affiliation or investigator.The field value contains the name of the ID-providing organisation and the ID. If you know the ID, you can search for related articles, e.g. "ORCID: 0000-0001-8902-9990"[AUID].ORCID: 0000-0001-8902-9990
BTIBook TitleTitle of a book. Intro­duced for books in 2010.Searchable as book, e.g. genereviews[book]GeneReviews
CICopyright InformationCopyright statement.NCopyright 2002 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
CINComment InReference containing a comment about the article.Searchable as hascommentin, e.g. SARS hascommentin AND 2003[DP]JAMA. 2003 Jun 4;289(21):2861-3. PMID: 12734146
CNCorporate AuthorCorporate author or group names with authorship responsibility. Previous field name: Collective Name.E.g. CARE Group[CN]. Citations indexed pre-2000 and some citations indexed in 2000-2001 retain corporate authors at the end of the title field, so use CARE Group[CN] OR CARE Group[TI] instead.CARE Group.
COISConflict of Interest StatementConflict of interest statement provided by the publisher, since 2017.Searchable as hascois, e.g. sars-cov-2[MJ] hascois 2020[DP] JC reports receiving consulting fees from Gilead Sciences, Merck, and Value Analytics Labs, all unrelated to this work.
CONComment OnReference upon which the article comments.Searchable as hascommenton, e.g. SARS hascommenton AND 2003[DP]Lancet. 2003 May 17;361(9370):1739-40. PMID: 12767754
CRDTCreate DateDate the record was added to the database.N2010/07/21 06:00
CRFCorrected and republished fromReference containing an uncorrected version of the article.Searchable as hascorrectedrepublishedfrom, e.g. Tobacco hascorrectedrepublishedfromNicotine Tob Res. 2006 Apr;8(2):169-91. PMID: 16766411
CRICorrected and republished inReference containing a corrected version of the article.Searchable as hascorrectedrepublishedin, e.g. Tobacco hascorrectedrepublishedinNicotine Tob Res. 2006 Aug;8(4):600-22. PMID: 16920658
CTDTContribution DateDate of book contribution (not of publication!). Intro­duced for books in 2010.N20120209
CTICollection TitleTitle of a collection. Intro­duced for books in 2010.NDrug Class Reviews
CYCountryThe place of publication of the journal. Replaced by field PL in 2003.
DADate CreatedUsed for internal processing at NLM.N20030201
DCOMDate CompletedThe date NLM completed all quality control and MeSH indexing of the citation.N20030801
DEPDate of Electronic PublicationElectronic publication date.N20091218
DPPublication DateThe date the article was published.E.g. Bioethics[SB] Ethics[TI] 2003/07[DP]2003 Jul 7
DRDTDate RevisedBook revision date. Intro­duced for books in 2010.N
EDEditor NameEditor of the book. Intro­duced for books in 2010.E.g. Altevogt[ED] or Altevogt[EDITOR]Altevogt BM
EDATEntrez DateThe date the citation was added to PubMed.E.g. 2001/01[EDAT] Transfection[MH] Hela Cells[MH]2001/01/23 19:15
EFRErratum ForCites the original article needing the correction. Intro­duced in 2002.Searchable as haserratumfor, e.g. HIV haserratumfor AND 1995[DP]Virology. 1995 Aug 1;211(1):332-5. PMID: 7544046
EINErratum InReference containing a published erratum to the article.Searchable as haserratumin, e.g. HIV haserratumin AND 2003[DP]J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2003 May 1;33(1):180
ENEditionEdition of the book. Intro­duced for books in 2010.N
FAUFull Author NameFull Author Names. Intro­duced in 2002.NVasan, Ramachandran S
FEDFull Editor NameFull name of the book editor. Intro­duced for books in 2010.NAltevogt, Bruce M
FIRFull Investi­gatorFull investi­gator name. Intro­duced in 2002.NBayorh, M A
FPSFull Personal Name as SubjectFull Personal Name of the subject of the article (see also PS). Intro­duced in 2003.NMenkes, H J
GNGeneral NoteSupplemental or descriptive information related to the document provided by another organisation (HMD, HSR, KIE, NASA or PIP). Intro­duced in 2003.NNASA: Grant numbers: NN 00-04-49276, 99-04-49634.
GRGrant NumberResearch grant numbers, contract numbers, or both that desig­nate financial support. Replaced field ID in 2003.E.g. NO1-HC-25195/HC/NHLBI[GR]NO1-HC-25195/HC/NHLBI
GSGene SymbolAbbre­viated gene names. Field used 1991-1996.NhemA
IDIdenti­fication NumberResearch grant numbers, contract numbers, or both that designate financial support. Replaced by field GR in 2003.
IPIssueThe number of the issue, part, or supplement of the journal in which the article was published.E.g. J Gravit Physiol[SO] 1997[DP] 3[IP]3
IRInvesti­gatorNASA-funded principal investi­gator. Intro­duced in 2003.E.g. Bayorh MA[IR] 2002[DP]Bayorh MA
IRADInvesti­gator AffiliationAffiliation of NASA-funded principal investi­gator. Intro­duced in 2003.NU TX Health Sci Ctr, Dallas
ISISSNInternational Standard Serial Number of the journal.E.g. 1077-9248[IS] Simon L[AU]1077-9248
ISBNISBNInternational Standard Book Number. Intro­duced for books in 2010.E.g. 9780309109475[ISBN]9780309109475
JCJournal Title CodeMEDLINE unique three-character code for the journal. Removed in 2003.
JIDNLM Unique IDUnique journal ID in NLM's catalog of books, journals, and audiovisuals.E.g. 9437868[JID] 1999/10[DP]9437868
JTFull Journal TitleFull journal title from NLM cataloging data.NMolecular microbiology
LALanguageThe language in which the article was published.E.g. Ankle Joint[MH] ger[LA] 2003[DP]ger
LIDLocation IDThe PII or DOI that serves the role of pagination, submitted by the publisher.E.g. 8080[LID]8080 [pii]
LRLast Revision DateThe date a change was made to the record during a maintenance procedure.N20010904
MHMeSH TermsNLM's controlled vocabulary (keywords).E.g. Tetrodotoxin[MH] Ion Channel Gating[MH] 2002[DP]. Besides, you can search for major topics with [MJ] or [MAJR].Tetrodotoxin
MHDAMeSH DateThe date MeSH terms were added to the citation. The MeSH date is the same as the Entrez date until MeSH are added.E.g. 2003[MHDA] Tetrodotoxin[MH] Fishes[MH]2003/06/26 05:00
MIDManuscript IdentifierID assigned to an author manuscript submitted to the NIH Manuscript Submission System.E.g. NIHMS3373NIHMS3373
OABOther AbstractAbstract supplied by an NLM collaborating organization (AAMC, AIDS, KIE, NASA or PIP). Intro­duced in 2003.Search using [TW] or [TIAB], e.g. Microgravity[TIAB] 2003[DP]NASA: The present study was designed to examine acute responses of renal sympathetic nerve activity in rats to a short period of microgravity …
OCIOther Copyright InformationCopyright owner. Intro­duced in 2003.N?
OIDOther IDIdenti­fication numbers provided by organizations (ARPL, CPC, CPFH, IND, KIE, NASA, NRCBL, PIP or POP) supplying citation data. Intro­duced in 2003.NNASA: 00024863
ORIOriginal Report InDisplays on Patient Summary. Cites original article associated with the patient summary. Intro­duced in 2003.Searchable as hasoriginalreportin, e.g. HIV hasoriginalreportin AND 2003[DP]Ann Intern Med. 2003 Apr 15;138(8):620-6. PMID: 12693883
OTOther TermNon-MeSH subject terms (keywords) assigned by an organization identified by the Other Term Owner. Intro­duced in 2003.E.g. NASA Program Flight[OT] 1994[DP]. Searchable with [TW] as well.NASA Program Flight
OTOOther Term OwnerOrganization (KIE, NASA or PIP) that provided the Other Term data. Intro­duced in 2003.NNASA
OWNOwnerOrganization acronym (HMD, HSR, KIE, NASA, NLM or PIP) that supplied citation data. Intro­duced in 2003.Search using owner + the owner acronym, e.g. Hypergravity AND cDNA ownernasa or Palestinians[TI] ownerpipNASA
PGPaginationThe full pagination of the article. You can search only for the first page number.E.g. J Neurosci[SO] 7279[PG] 2000/10[DP]7279-89
PHSTPublication History Status DateHistory status date.N2002/Sep/18 [received]
PLPlace of PublicationJournal's country of publication. Replaced field CY in 2003.E.g. Euthanasia[MH] Bioethics[SB] Germany[PL] 2003[DP]Germany
PMCPMC Unique IdentifierUnique number assigned to each PubMed Central citation starting with prefix PMC.E.g. PMC1463022PMC1463022
PMCRPMC ReleaseAvailability of PubMed Central article.N2009/08/01
PMIDPubMed Unique IdentifierUnique number assigned to each PubMed citation.Searchable as [UID], e.g. 12728966[UID]12728966
PRINPartial retraction inPartial retraction of the article. Intro­duced in 2007.Searchable as haspartialretractionin, e.g. neurons[MH] haspartialretractioninDaroff RB, Griggs RC. Neurology. 2006 Feb 14;66(3):456. PMID: 16476960
PROFPartial retraction ofArticle partially beeing retracted. Intro­duced in 2007.Searchable as haspartialretractionof, e.g. Daroff[AU] haspartialretractionofBrinkmeier H, Weber F, Aulkemeyer P, Wollinsky KH, Rudel R. Neurology. 2003 Jun 10;60(11):1871; author reply 1871-2. PMID: 12796562
PSPersonal Name as SubjectIndividual is the subject of the article (e.g. Menkes HJ - Menkes Kinky Hair Syndrome).E.g. Menkes HJ[PS]Menkes HJ
PSTPublication StatusPublication status.Nppublish
PTPublication TypeThe type of material the article represents.E.g. Euthanasia AND Interview[PT]Interview
PUBMPublication ModelDescription of the medium the article was published in, derived from data submitted by publishers. Removed in 2009.NPrint-Electronic
RFNumber of ReferencesNumber of bibliographic references for Review articles.N56
RINRetraction InRetraction of the article.Searchable as hasretractionin, e.g. HIV hasretractioninImmunol Lett. 1998 Nov;64(1):following 55. PMID: 10068298
RNEC/RN NumberNumber assigned by the Enzyme Commission to designate a particular enzyme or by the Chemical Abstracts Service for Registry Numbers.E.g. 9007-34-5[RN]. To search for the name only, use Collagen[NM].9007-34-5 (Collagen)
ROFRetraction OfArticle being retracted.Searchable as hasretractionof, e.g. HIV hasretractionofNaher H, Schule T, Petzoldt D. Lancet 1991 Aug 24;338(8765):519-20
RPFRepublished FromOriginal article.Searchable as hasrepublishedfrom, etc. HIV hasrepublishedfromSpinal Cord. 2002 Nov;40(11):551
RPIRepublished InCorrected and republished article.Searchable as hasrepublishedin, e.g. HIV hasrepublishedinSpinal Cord. 2002 Dec;40(12):669. PMID: 12483502
SBJournal SubsetCode for a specific set of journals.Search using jsubset + subset acronym, e.g. Noncompliance jsubsetn AND 2002[DP]N
SFMSpace Flight MissionNASA-supplied data space flight/mission name and/or number. E.g. of interest to users of the former SPACELINE database. Intro­duced in 2003.Search using [TW] or [OT], e.g. Parabolic Flight[OT] Rats[MH]Parabolic Flight
SISecondary Source IdentifierIdentifies a secondary source that supplies information, e.g., other data sources, databanks and accession numbers of molecular sequences discussed in articles.E.g. Cryptococcus aureus AND GENBANK[SI] 2003[DP]GENBANK/AB085795
SOSourceComposite field containing bibliographic information.E.g. Am J Hum Genet[SO] Majewski J[AU] 2003[DP]Am J Hum Genet 2003 Jul 25;73(3).
SPINSummary For Patients InCites a patient summary article. Intro­duced in 2003.Searchable as hassummaryforpatientsin, e.g. Cancer[SB] hassummaryforpatientsin AND 2003[DP]Ann Intern Med. 2003 Apr 15;138(8):I1. PMID: 12693914
STATStatus TagUsed for internal processing at NLM. Intro­duced in 2003.Npubmed-not-medline
TAJournal Title Abbre­viationStandard journal title abbre­viation.E.g. Ann Intern Med[TA] Crohn Disease[MH] 2003[DP]. With [TA], you can search for full journal names or ISSN numbers as well.Ann Intern Med
TITitleThe title of the article.E.g. Tifacogin[TI]USAN Council. List No.421. New names. Tifacogin.
TTTrans­literated or Verna­cular TitleTitle of a foreign language article. Searchable since 2006.E.g. tränen[tt] 2009[dp]Emotionale Tranen.
UIMEDLINE Unique IdentifierUnique number assigned to each MEDLINE citation. Removed in 2004.E.g. 22640469[UI]22640469
UINUpdate InUpdate to the article.Searchable as hasupdatein, e.g. HIV hasupdateinCochrane Database Syst Rev. 2002;(2):CD001796. PMID: 12076422
UOFUpdate OfThe article being updated.Searchable as hasupdateof, e.g. HIV hasupdateofCochrane Database Syst Rev. 2000;(3):CD000218. PMID: 10908466
URLFURL Full-TextLink to the full-text of article at provider's website. Links are incomplete. Removed in 2003.
URLSURL SummaryLink to the article summary at provider's website. Links are incomplete. Removed in 2003.
VIVolumeJournal volume.E.g. Pediatr Res[SO] 53[VI] Wendel U[AU]53
VTIVolume TitleTitle of the volume. Intro­duced for books in 2010.N