Development History of Meva

The following table lists adaptions, fixes, optimizations and extensions in the development of Meva:

2022-03-05, V2.9, HTML Form V2.9
A220120#02Code page changed from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8, since PubMed delivers now UTF-8 only.
A220120#03Links adapted to new PubMed URL.
A220130#01For text output format, MIME type changed from text/plain to text/csv, EOL from LF to CRLF (RFC 4180) and file extension from .TSV to .CSV (more common).
F220201#01Minor corrections for text und code.
A220201#02Trailing blanks at the end of multiline fields in a PubMed file will be recognized now as meaningful information. Attention: This behaviour can lead to concatenated words in Meva's result, if the PubMed file have been saved before with an editor which deletes trailing blanks.
A220220#01Removed regular expression feature inside the search filter box and implemented UTF-8 search routines instead.
E220305#01Implemented search options inside Mevas form for MeSH major topics and without subheadings. The usage of asterisks for filtering is obsolete now.
E220306#01Field type COIS: Conflict of Interest Statement and AUID: Author Identifier added.
2013-05-17, V2.8.1, HTML Form V2.8
A130517#01Fix: Meva was no longer available, DNS resolution fixed.
A130517#02Fix: Details could not be switched off by the user.
A130517#03Addition: Data URIs now supported.
A130522#04Fix: PMC und PMCR now supported.
A130523#05Addition: Made PMUniq available for removal of doublets in MEDLINE data.
A130529#06Addition: Propose a filename for saving a Meva result in text format.
2012-02-15, V2.8.0, HTML Form V2.8
A120215#01Optimization: Links within Meva result open in a new window to preserve Meva result.
A120215#02Adaptation: Meva form adapted to altered MeSH branch names.
A120215#03Addition: Meva and its form adapted to new PubMed field types: BTI, CTI, EN, ED, FED, ISBN, JT, LID, MID, PMC, PMCR, VTI.
A120215#04Optimization: Minor internal enhancements.
2011-01-06, V2.7.1, HTML Form V2.7
A110106#01Adaptation: MeSH branch names of form adapted to new MeSH.
2010-01-02, V2.7.1, HTML Form V2.7
A100102#01Adaptation: MeSH branch names of form adapted to new MeSH.
2009-09-28, V2.7.1, HTML Form V2.7
A090928#01Fix: Field type error in Meva and Form.
A090928#02Adaptation: Minor code enhancements.
A090928#03Optimization: CSS. Bars of frequency charts now visible on printout.
A090928#04Optimization: Links from the bibliographic fields inside a Meva result to PubMed now generated by JavaScript thus reducing the resulting file size by 50 %.
2006-12-30, V2.7.0, HTML Form V2.7
A061230#01Addition: New PubMed fields Corrected and republished from, Corrected and republished in, Partial retraction in and Partial retraction of implemented.
A061229#01Optimization: Browser Rendering of result data accelerated.
2006-08-17, V2.6.7, HTML Form V2.6
A060817#01Fix: Undo of MH compression feature which has been introduced incompletely by mistake in a prior release. This feature will be introduced in one of the next relases.
A060817#02Optimization: Accelerated read-in of PubMed data as well as some internal reorganisation.
A060830#01Fix: Corrected display of count of associated codes in MeSH tree section.
A060830#02Adaptation: Added branch V: 'Publication Characteristics' to MeSH Tree.
2006-08-13, V2.6.6, HTML Form V2.6
A060813#01Fix: Typo corrected as well as some internal reorganisation.
2006-08-08, V2.6.5, HTML Form V2.6
A060808#01Fix: Corrected runtime error for Meva results where no MeSH terms could pass the user-defined filters.
2006-08-02, V2.6.4, HTML Form V2.6
A060802#01Fix: Typo corrected.
2006-03-01, V2.6.3, HTML Form V2.6
A060301#01Optimization: Some internal clean-up.
2006-02-26, V2.6.2, HTML Form V2.6
A060226#01Fix: Corrected some garbage collection code.
A060226#02Optimization: Some internal clean-up.
2005-06-25, V2.6b, HTML Form V2.6
A050625#01Fix: Corrected some local anchors.
2005-01-04, V2.6, HTML Form V2.6
A041101#01Addition: Meva can now display a single branch of the MeSH tree instead of the whole tree.
A041101#02Addition: Short links in Meva result.
2004-10-14, V2.5b, HTML Form V2.1
A041014#01Adaptation: Minor enhancements.
2004-08-16, V2.5, HTML Form V2.1
A040816#01Adaptation: Meva result now in HTML Standards mode.
A040816#02Removal: Netscape 4 support.
A040816#03Fix: Sorting by frequency of details table have been disabled unintentionally since V2.4. Fixed in V2.5.
A040816#04Addition: Some new warnings/hints in Meva result (background printing etc.).
A040816#05Addition: Display of Author filter setup for parameter table.
A040816#06Adaptation: Minor layout chances for HTML files and Meva result.
A040816#07Addition: FAQ extended.
2004-07-20, V2.4, HTML Form V2.1
A040721#01Adaptation: Meva determines now the language of its result based upon the language of the input form.
A040721#02Fix: Removed links from Correlation matrices for non-searchable PubMed fields.
A040721#03Fix: Adjusted Meva links according to RFC 1738.
A040721#04Optimization: Some internal clean-up.
2004-05-17, V2.3, HTML Form V2.0
A040301#02Adaptation: Prior to V2.3, Meva considered an author to be the last author if he was the last author listed in PubMed's result - even if he was the only author of this article. This behaviour has changed. To be considered a last author now, he must be the last one of several authors.
2004-03-17, V2.2, HTML Form V2.0
A040301#01Fix: Corrected internal buffer sizes.
2003-10-29, V2.1, HTML Form V2.0
A031010#01Fix: Selecting the Last Author feature with the primary field set onto Author caused Meva to crash.
2003-08-16, V2.0, HTML Form V2.0
A030814#01Addition: New Text format.
A030814#02Addition: Display of cumulated frequency of MeSH tree root.
A030814#03Adaptation: Minor changes to Meva's HTML and text output format.
A030511#01Addition: Last author implemented.
2003-08-06, V1.9, HTML Form V1.9
A030805#01Addition: New PubMed field types EFR - Erratum For, FAU - Full Author Name, FIR - Full Investigator, FPS - Full Personal Name as Subject, GN - General Note, GR - Grant Number, IR - Investigator, IRAD - Investigator Affiliation, OAB - Other Abstract, OCI - Other Copyright Information, OID - Other ID, ORI - Original Report In, OT - Other Term, OTO - Other Term Owner, OWN - Owner, SFM - Space Flight Mission, SPIN - Summary For Patients In, STAT - Status Tag.
A030805#02Adaptation: Renamed PubMed field types CY - Country to PL - Place of Publication, ID - Identification Number to GR - Grant Number, CN - Collective Name to CN - Corporate Author.
A030805#03Removal: PubMed field types URLF - URL Full-Text, URLS - URL Summary, JC - Journal Title Code.
A030805#04Addition: Some further field types linked in the result.
A030805#05Adaptation: PMID field identifier removed from result.
A030805#06Adaptation: HTML set.
2003-04-19, V1.8c, HTML Form V1.8
A030419#01Bug fix: Meva language negotiation failed if user language was provided in HTTP header with a trailing quantifier. Fixed.
2003-04-13, V1.8b, HTML Form V1.8
A030413#01Bug fix: MeSH printing for fields with count = zero fixed.
2003-04-03, V1.8, HTML Form V1.8
A030320#02Addition: Coincidence fields are now linked into PubMed as well with both coinciding values. Since the resulting search expression is highly specific, this will work even without a given link restrictor.
A030320#04Addition: Users can now restrict their search onto first authors.
A030320#05Adaptation: Text database format of detail section changed onto uncompressed format.
2003-01-28, V1.7, HTML Form V1.7
A030108#01Addition: Meva and HTML files now dependant from user language in English or German.
A030108#02Addition: MeSH tree database capable text result.
A030112#01Addition: Navigation bar in HTML files.
A030118#01Optimization: Matrix calculation for identical fields accelerated by factor 2 (only half of matrix calculated).
A030119#01Addition: Optional server log and log evaluation facility.
A030120#01Optimization: Read-in procedure for very large files (virtual 25 MB) accelerated by factor 20 (granulated heap allocation).
A030128#01Optimization: Since some web browsers do not wrap MeSH terms with trailing subheadings, the resulting tables became very wide and did not fit onto a printout. Now blanks will be inserted between MH and SH to enable browser word wrap.
A030129#01Optimization: Revision of CSS.
2002-12-31, V1.6, HTML Form V1.6
A011128#02Addition: MeSH tree presentation (listing of unified, associated and interpolated terms, remapping, cumulation).
A021228#01Fix: Count calculation of unified MeSH terms included generic terms as well.
A021228#02Adaptation: HTML forms V.1.6., JS warnings embedded.
A021230#01Adaptation: Form help, webadmin help, MePrep help and result help.
A020625#03Addition: Host definable maximum output limit size (maximal count of fields to print and maximal top values for correlation matrix calculation).
A021230#02Fix: If Meva found main category MeSH terms in a PubMed result, it handled them like non-interpolated ones which made little sense.
2002-12-17, V1.5, HTML Form V1.5
A021210#01Addition: Error handling for minimal implemented web servers / clients (f.i. missing MIME form/multipart).
A021210#02Adaptation: Form V.1.5.
A021210#03Adaptation: Control table.
A021210#04Addition: MeSH tree prototype.
A021210#05Addition: Webadmin help.
A021210#06Adaptation: Form help.
A021210#07Fix: Mevas date one month too early.
A021210#08Addition: MeSH section summary.
2002-10-28, Meva V1.4, HTML Form V1.4
A020723#02Addition: MeSH terms can now be printed along with their codes.
A021028#01Addition: Meva index generator (MeSH2NDX) to provide Meva with MeSH data.
A021028#02Addition: MeSH2NDX documentation.
A021028#03Adaptation: Form V.1.4.
2002-10-01, V1.3, HTML Form V1.3
A021001#01Addition: Now a three-step help is available inside the Meva form: a small context-sensitive tool tip help, a more extended context-sensitive click help and the whole form help file.
A021001#02Optimization: CSS print format switched onto narrow font faces to get wide diagrams onto one sheet of paper.
A021001#03Addition: Result help.
A021001#04Addition: HTML form version control thus avoiding calling a current Meva version with an old form which could result in subtle errors.
A021001#05Adaptation: Hide main diagonal of matrices with identical field types.
A021001#06Addition: Show names of correlated fields inside the matrices as a tool tip whilst going with the mouse over - useful for large matrix tables not fitting onto the screen.
A021003#01Adaptation: 2nd field and PMID can now be switched off in text mode as well.
2002-09-16, V1.2
A020916#01Adaptation: Alphabetic sort of correlation matrices taken back and replaced by frequency sort.
A020916#02Fix: Meva error dealing with PubMed result files without fields of the required field type.
A020916#03Adaptation: Limit Top count onto 60.
A020916#04Optimization: Colored maxima in correlation matrices depending from cell value.
A020916#05Optimization: Hide zero values in correlation matrices.
A020916#06Addition: Row and column totals in correlation matrices.
A020916#07Optimization: CSS screen and print format.
A020916#08Adaptation: Transformation of some field types for better statistical evaluation:
1) Unification of Publication date onto the year: 2000, 2000 Nov and 2000 Nov 16 f.i. will give now 2000.
2) Lower casing of Language: Eng and eng f.i. will result now in eng.
3) Upper casing of Country: GERMANY and Germany f.i. will map now onto GERMANY.
A020916#09Addition: The PMID column of the details section can now be switched off to get a more compressed printout.
A020916#10Optimization: Printout details section will now start with a new sheet - CSS2 capable browser required.

For former versions please see German version.